A number of my poems have been published:

Here is one my recent unpublished poems:

St Martha's Church, Surrey Hills © Paul Jonsson

On the death of a friend




three kestrels fly about st martha’s hill

inscribing their curlicued

illuminations flashing ink

against the greying vellum of the clouds

— three kestrels hover above fields of tarnished gold



three kestrels fly about st martha’s hill

the circle of their meditations

wheeling on the thermals sketching

thin inscrutable litanies the purpose of ritual

— three kestrels screech wordless prayers in the wind



three kestrels fly about st martha’s hill

clawing blood from rain

ripping bone from air waiting

for the chapel bell to toll across the Chantries

— three kestrels brood their praying turned to prey



suddenly — heart stopped — they plummet

one by one falling to

an end an abyssal drop

thrown by gravity to



earth and stone

screams and blood

rust and bone

dust and ash



you clutch your heart/you seize the light/you ride the wind

and then suddenly — heart stopped —


you are thrown

from cloud


to clay

to silence

to kneaded clod

from flesh to bone