Distinguished Visitor University of Queensland

I was invited on the?Distinguished Visitor Programme at the University of Queensland during August and September 2018. While there I gave a number of talks: an undergraduate lecture on the film Karmen Ge?; a?postgraduate masterclass entitled ?From the musical moment to?the crystal-song in some recent Hollywood films?; a public lecture on ?(Re)viewing French cinema? (the featured image for this news item), and a workshop for the ‘Studies in Culture’ research cluster to foster a collaborative approach to?research culture across the various language groups of the School.

I then went to Melbourne to give a talk on ‘The crystal-song in contemporary French cinema? to the?Melbourne Screen Studies group, and on to the University of Adelaide where the Department of French was celebrating their hundredth anniversary. I gave a public Lecture on ?(Re)viewing French cinema? and an English & Creative Writing seminar entitled ?From the musical moment to the crystal-song in some recent Hollywood films?.

Nadine was also working, but we managed to find the time to visit Uluru.