Doctors in films

On 11 February 2019 I gave a talk on ‘Cinema and the medical profession’ at a conference in the University of Surrey on ‘Using Stories to Improve Health? Care’. The conference was organised jointly between Surrey, Texas Tech University and the University of Bari in Italy. Its aim was to exchange ideas in how to use the arts and humanities to train health care professionals. My talk was (unusually) focused on anglophone mainstream cinema. Colleagues Peter Barta and Michael Phy gave talks on?M?decin de campagne (Irreplaceable, 2016) and?Hippocrate?(Hippocrates: Diary of a French Doctor, 2014) respectively.

Other speakers from Surrey included Melaine Coward, the Head of the School of Health Sciences , who was also a co-organiser, Cath Taylor, and Richard Lyon. Speakers from the University of Bari included?Carlo Sabb? and Antonio Stramaglia. Other speakers included?Air Commodore Professor Rich Withnall, Head of Research and Clinical Innovation in the Ministry of Defence Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, and?Harold Kin Ming Cheng from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Harold Kin Ming Cheng introducing Michael Phy and Peter Barta
Michael Phy (right) talking about Hippocrate