Gemma Edney’s PhD Viva in Exeter

I was the External Examiner for Gemma Edney’s PhD on ‘Sounding girl, girl(y) sounds: Music and Girlhood in Contemporary French Cinema’ in Exeter on 17 December. As Gemma explains on her website, her PhD examines the representation of girlhood in contemporary French films, and asks how the sensations and feelings of girlhood adolescence can be heard, as well as seen, on film. She explores the use of music in a range of contemporary girlhood narratives, arguing that ‘music can allow an additional means of communication with the spectator, and can open avenues of identification between characters and audience members’.

The Internal Examiner was Professor Will Higbee, one of the former General Editors of the journal for which I am the Chief General Editor, Studies in French Cinema.