Konstantinos Pappis graduates

Konstantinos was one of my Liberal Arts and Sciences students 2016-2019. He graduated with the highest First Class degree (81.3%) in the School of Literature and Languages for 2019. He achieved First Class marks in all of his modules in Final Year, with no mark below 74 and three of his seven modules in the 80s. This was across three distinct disciplines: English Literature, Film Studies and Sociology, which is an outstanding achievement.

Konstantinos’s Dissertation, for which he received a mark of 88%, was a brilliant adaptation analysis of The Virgin Suicides (novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, film by Sophia Coppola) with a particular emphasis on the role of music.

He published his second-year interdisciplinary study for the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme for which he received a mark of 83% ? ‘The Impact of Animal Agriculture on Climate Change: Examining The Awareness Gap Through Media Representations’ ? on the online site Medium.

He has also?published a novel, Old Haven, which is available on Amazon, and writes regularly on music and film for the webzine Our Culture.

Konstantinos is pictured at the University of Surrey graduation with me and his mother, both of us immensely proud of his achievements.