Sabrina Bouarour’s PhD viva in Paris

I was honoured to be one of the panel members examining a thesis by Sabrina Bouarour on the films of Vincente Minnelli and Jacques Demy, entitled ‘Les masculinit?s dans les films musicaux et les m?lodrames de Jacques Demy et Vincente Minnelli’. The supervisor was Laurent Juillier (to my left). Also on the panel were Professor Laura Mason (Johns Hopkins) and Professor Nick Rees-Roberts (Paris 3), whom you can see to the left of Sabrina Bouarour. The viva took place in Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle’s beautiful Maison de la recherche in the Latin Quarter.

Sabrina is also a filmmaker, and is currently working on a documentary entitled?Lights of Baltimore. You can read more about the project here,?and there is also a Facebook page.